Editorial Guidelines

Throughout the year, Contractors at the Lake features fresh, in-depth, and relevant home improvement and information about the building trades for our readers.

From remodeling and renovations to landscaping and interior design, we cover the whole continuum of home improvement. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a professional contractor, you’ll find valuable insights and inspiration in our digital magazine.

We are passionate about helping our readers enhance the value and comfort of their homes. With our expert guidance, you can learn how to tackle various home improvement projects, including kitchen and bathroom makeovers, flooring upgrades, roofing repairs, and much more.

Bylined Articles

Contributed articles from guest experts should be 700 words or less, be educational and informative, and take a specific angle about something in the related field rather than an advertisement of an organization.

The article should be information-based and should not contain advertorial content.

Bylined articles should be sent in as a Word (PC) or Pages (Mac) document and written in the third-person, unless the submission is an opinion piece approved by the editor. Include an author bio (50 words or less) as well as contact information for the readers (i.e. phone number, email, and/or your website). Please also send a digital photo of the author or a photo relevant to the piece (300 dpi), along with a cutline.

Calendar of Events

Have a special event coming up? Any seminars the readers should be aware of? Send us the name of the event; location; dates; and contact information.

Press Releases

We encourage you to send your press releases on breaking news, new hires, promotions, and other things your organization is proud of and excited to announce. We welcome and encourage photos (300 dpi) with submissions. All press releases should clearly and thoroughly describe your product or service.


We encourage photos with article and/or press release submissions. Photos should be at least 5″ wide and 200 dpi. Headshots should be at least 2″ wide and 300 dpi. Also, be sure to include the cutline. Finally, please send any images as separate files and not embedded in your article document or in an email.


The beauty of a digital publication is that we publish news 24/7.  However, because of the volume of weekly press releases and articles, we try to post your news within 48 hours of receiving it. Email your content to Daniel Casciato at writer@danielcasciato.com.

Social Media Channels

If you have news that must be distributed immediately, we’ll post it on our social media accounts-LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Combined, we have 15,000+ key connections.


We will consider any topic during the year.

At Contractors at the Lake, we strive to provide our readers with the latest and most relevant information on home improvement and building trades. While we focus on home improvement, we understand the importance of staying informed on other topics that can impact our readers’ lives.

That’s why we plan to cover a range of topics regularly, including:

  • Home renovation and remodeling ideas
  • Interior and exterior design trends
  • Landscaping and gardening tips
  • DIY projects and tutorials
  • Home organization and storage solutions
  • Building materials and products reviews
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability practices
  • Home safety and security measures
  • Home buying and selling tips
  • Real estate market updates
  • Home financing and insurance options
  • Home inspection and maintenance advice
  • Contractor and subcontractor profiles
  • Career opportunities in the building trades
  • Skilled trades education and training programs
  • Profiles of successful tradespeople
  • Industry news and developments
  • Interviews with experts and professionals
  • Tips for managing a home improvement business
  • Personal stories and experiences related to home improvement

We aim to give our readers a well-rounded understanding of the issues affecting their daily lives by covering these topics. Home improvement is just one aspect of our readers’ lives, and we want to be a trusted resource for all their information needs.

Editorial Calendar


  • New Year, New Home: Tips for starting your home improvement projects in the new year
  • Winter Home Maintenance: How to prepare your home for the colder months
  • The Latest in Home Technology: Reviews of smart home devices and gadgets
  • DIY Home Decor Ideas: Affordable and easy projects to spruce up your home for the new year
  • Apprenticeships: Information about apprenticeship programs and how to get started in the skilled trades
  • Career Paths: Information about different career paths in the skilled trades


  • Valentine’s Day DIY Projects: Creative and romantic home decor projects for Valentine’s Day
  • Home Energy Efficiency: Tips for reducing your energy bills and improving your home’s energy efficiency
  • Home Safety and Security: How to protect your home and family from potential hazards and intruders
  • Winter Landscaping Tips: How to maintain your garden and landscape during the winter season
  • Training and Education: Resources and information about vocational and technical schools, trade schools, and other training programs for the skilled trades


  • Spring Cleaning Checklist: Comprehensive guide to spring cleaning your home
  • Outdoor Living Spaces: Ideas and inspiration for creating the perfect outdoor living area
  • Sustainable Home Improvement: Tips for eco-friendly home improvement and construction
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling: Trends and ideas for remodeling your kitchen and bathroom
  • Safety and Regulations: Information about safety protocols and regulations in the skilled trades, including OSHA requirements and other guidelines


  • Earth Day: Special edition featuring eco-friendly home improvement projects and initiatives
  • Home Improvement Financing: Options and strategies for financing your home improvement projects
  • Pest Control and Prevention: How to keep pests out of your home and garden
  • Home Decor Trends: The latest trends in home decor and design for the upcoming season
  • Business and Entrepreneurship: Tips and advice for starting and running a successful business in the skilled trades, including marketing and networking strategies, financial management, and more


  • Home Buying and Selling Tips: Advice for buying or selling a home
  • Outdoor Entertaining: Creative ideas for outdoor gatherings and parties
  • Home Security Systems: Reviews and recommendations for home security systems
  • Building a Home Gym: Tips for creating a workout space in your home
  • Emerging Technologies: Updates and insights on the latest technologies and innovations in the skilled trades, including automation and robotics


  • Summer Home Maintenance: Tips for preparing your home for the summer season
  • Outdoor DIY Projects: Creative and fun DIY projects for your outdoor living spaces
  • Pool and Spa Maintenance: How to keep your pool and spa clean and functioning properly
  • Kitchen and Dining Trends: The latest trends in kitchen and dining room design and decor
  • Sustainability in the Skilled Trades: Information and resources on eco-friendly practices and materials for the skilled trades, including renewable energy and sustainable building techniques


  • Summer Home Decor: Seasonal decorating ideas for your home
  • Outdoor Lighting Ideas: How to enhance your outdoor living spaces with creative lighting
  • DIY Fire Pit Projects: Step-by-step instructions for building a fire pit in your backyard
  • Home Improvement for Pets: Tips for creating a safe and comfortable living environment for your furry friends
  • Skilled Trades in the Digital Age: Discussion of how technology is changing the skilled trades and how tradespeople can stay ahead of the curve by embracing digital tools and platforms.


  • Back to School Home Organization: How to get your home organized for the upcoming school year
  • Green Home Improvement: Eco-friendly home improvement projects and products
  • Outdoor Grilling and Cooking: Recipes and tips for outdoor cooking and grilling
  • Home Improvement for Aging in Place: Tips for creating a safe and accessible living space for seniors


  • Fall Home Maintenance: How to prepare your home for the colder months
  • Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits: Ideas and inspiration for creating a cozy outdoor living space
  • Flooring Trends: The latest trends in flooring materials and designs
  • Home Improvement for Small Spaces: Creative solutions for maximizing space in small homes and apartments


  • Halloween Home Decor: Spooky and fun home decor ideas for Halloween
  • Fall Landscaping Tips: How to maintain your garden and landscape during the fall season
  • Window Treatments and Coverings: The latest trends in window treatments and coverings
  • Home Improvement for Energy Efficiency: Tips for reducing your energy bills and improving your home’s energy efficiency


  • Thanksgiving Home Decor: Ideas for decorating your home for Thanksgiving
  • Fireplace Maintenance and Safety: How to properly maintain and use your fireplace during the colder months
  • Bathroom Design and Renovations: Trends and ideas for remodeling your bathroom
  • Home Improvement for Accessibility: Tips for creating a safe and accessible living space for people with disabilities


  • Holiday Home Decor: Creative and festive ideas for decorating your home for the holidays
  • Winter Home Improvement Projects: Ideas and inspiration for winter home improvement projects
  • Home Heating and Insulation: Tips for keeping your home warm and cozy during the colder months
  • Gift Ideas for Home Improvement Enthusiasts: Holiday gift guide for home improvement enthusiasts.