About Us

Founded by Harvey Kart and Daniel Casciato, Contractors at the Lake is a digital platform dedicated to home improvement in the Lake Country. Our platform provides homeowners with expert advice, tips, and inspiration to help them renovate, remodel, or improve their homes.

Our platform is beneficial not only to homeowners looking to renovate, remodel, or improve their homes but also to those who are looking to sell or buy a home.

We are passionate about helping our readers enhance the value and comfort of their homes. With our expert guidance, you can learn how to tackle various home improvement projects, including kitchen and bathroom makeovers, flooring upgrades, roofing repairs, and much more.

At Contractors at the Lake, we also provide our readers with fresh and in-depth home improvement information and strive to inspire the next generation of skilled tradespeople. We recognize the importance of showcasing skilled trades as a viable and rewarding career path for young people.

That’s why we will also feature stories and profiles of tradespeople in our magazine. We plan to highlight their journeys, from apprenticeships to becoming successful professionals in their respective fields. By sharing their experiences, we hope to show parents and grandparents that the skilled trades can offer a fulfilling and prosperous career path for their kids and grandkids.

We believe that skilled trades are essential to our society and economy and aim to educate and inform our readers about the many opportunities available in these fields. Our goal is to encourage young people to pursue trade careers and help bridge the skills gap many industries face.

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